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Take advantage of Government Grants!

With land set to title in October, eligible buyers can take advantage of State and new Federal Grants to begin their hom...

Kalynda Chronicle Summer 2019

In this edition of Kalynda Chronicle we look back on the year that was 2019. Learn more about our successful community g...

Kalynda Chase family Christmas party!

Kalynda Chase Community Garden update!

Kalynda Chronicle Winter 2019

Cowboys Members Day

The Urbex team attended the Cowboys Members day in Townsville yesterday to represent Kalynda Chase, Urbex's master plann...

Kalynda Chase Highlights

I love the sense of community, especially when neighbours get together, to celebrate Christmas and Easter, watch grand f...

Chatting to Vi: First buyer tips

Vi is our sales manager at Kalynda Chase, and has been working in the community for over 12 years. She is a true Towns...

Periwinkle Release now selling!

Cultivating our Kalynda Chase community!

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